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Whisper Erbium Peel ?

Our office offers the WhisperPeel, a practical solution for those who are busy balancing social life and career.  Using the latest in laser technology, WhisperPeel safely and gently ablates the upper layers of skin from the face, neck and back of the hands without anesthesia or downtime.  Skin appears noticeably more radiant and supple days after treatment.  A treatment so gentle, makeup can be applied the very next day.

The Treatment

Using a precise beam of light, the top layers of the epidermis are removed without bleeding, oozing or risk of infection.

The Effect

Over the course of the next few days, dry, dead skin cells peel away, just like after a moderate sunburn, and new cells surface.  Within 5 days, skin looks and feels fresher and more radiant.

The Time Investment

A typical Whisper treatment takes an average of 20 minutes. When finished, skin will have a slightly pink sunburned appearance that quickly peels and fades.  As the healing process continues, patients notice a marked improvement in skin tone and texture. 

The Number of Treatments

The number of treatment sessions is dependent on the degree of skin damage and the desired results.  The average patient generally requires 1-3 sessions.  After one procedure, skin looks refreshed, small blemishes and discolorations fade and skin takes on a more even tone.  For more severe damage, multiple sessions may be recommended to obtain optimal results.

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